cli helper. ping: send ICMP (ICMP6) ECHO_REQUEST packets to network hosts

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Solaris ping

Specify IP address or DNS-name of destination host
Send one datagram per second and collect statistics
Specify the address family of the target host IPv4 IPv6
Ping all addresses, both IPv4 and IPv6, of the multihomed destination
Send the probe packet to the given host and back again using loose source routing
Send UDP packets instead of ICMP (ICMP6) packets
Set the base UDP port number used in probes
Bypass the global IPsec policy and send and receive packets in the clear for this connection only
Set the SO_DEBUG socket option
Suppress loopback of multicast packets
Show network addresses as numbers (do not resolve DNS name)
Bypass the normal routing tables and send directly to a host on an attached network
Verbose output
Sets the IPv4 record route option, which stores the route of the packet inside the IPv4 header
Specify the traffic class of probe packets
Specify a loose source route gateway
Specify a next-hop router
Specify the flow label of probe packets (IPv6)
Turn on the statistics mode and specify the interval
Outgoing interface for multicast packets (IPv4) and both multi and unicast packets for IPv6
Set the type of service (tos) in probe packets to the specified value (IPv4)
Specify the IPv4 time to live, or IPv6 hop limit, for unicast and multicast packets
Specifies the number of data bytes to be sent
Send only such number of packets © 2008-2014